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Via Alta Vallemaggia

The Via Alta Vallemaggia (VAVM) is a trek that runs between Locarno and Ponte Brolla, via Fusio. The route is of particular interest in terms of landscape and mountaineering and allows multi-day excursions to the summit in the midst of nature. The trek, recently extended, includes 17 stages.

The Associazione Via Alta Vallemaggia adheres to the Territorio e Montagne Pulite (Territory and Clean Mountains) project. The collaboration aims to raise awareness among hikers undertaking the trek by working together on the distribution of information material and organising innovative awareness-raising activities related to the issue of water pollution.

The central questions that it is important for Via Alta hikers to ask themselves are:

  • What trace do I leave in the water during the hike?
  • How can I reduce the impact on water resources during a mountain hike?

Hut managers organise meetings to exchange experiences on this subject.